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Permanent Makeup for Brows & Lips

If you're looking for something a little more permanent Kayleigh can provide you with everything you need to just wake up and go. 



Natural hair strokes or shading are added to help fill in gaps, perfect arches and define the brow area. These cosmetic tattoo techniques are suitable for most skin types and tones, no matter how full or sparse your natural eyebrows are. Both Microblading and traditional tattooing are offered, with the latter being Kayleigh's preferred technique. 


A light wash of colour placed into the lips to enhance tone, shade and definition. Perfect for those with pale lips, undefined borders or those who don't enjoy wearing lipstick but still like the effect. 

Two sessions are required initially for either treatment and the price quoted will include them both. They are carried out 4-12 weeks apart and are only complete once you have returned for the second top up session Every client is different but the pigment generally lasts 1-4 years, (depending on technique used) with a colour boost recommended every 9-18 months.  

Your first appointment can take up to 3 hours, with the second generally taking around 2. How you take care of your enhancement in the first few weeks after the treatment will determine how well the pigment heals so it is important to follow all the aftercare advice that is given.


If you have any questions please just pop me and email, I am only too happy to help!


Alternatively you can check my availability and book online using the button below. 



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